About Us

Vail Online Marketing

Vail Online Marketing has been providing web development and marketing services since 2005.

Who Are We

We are a digital marketing agency that helps business owners like you craft a better message and acquire customers through digital products  tailored to your needs.

Our Mission

We want to see you succeed and create a brand we are all proud of. See us more as a business partner that’s always there for you. This is just the beginning.  

What We Do

We offer a variety of digital marketing services based on your particular needs. From website development to larger markerting campiagns. We can help.

Our history

Vail Online Marketing is managed by JCR Media Ventures LLC in Avon Colorado. We started creating websites back in 2005 when not many CMS tools were available.  Our background in Computer Science and Marketing allows us to walk you step by step in the process of starting a business and carefully market it to your customers and clients. We pride ourself on offering great communication and values that contribute to a good business relationship. 

Our 6-D process



We seek to understand where you are and where you wish to go.  We take time to understand your marketing goals and objectives.



We start out by defining the necessary requirements for your project. Specific deliverables are agreed upon and the web strategy is put in place.



After the goals, specifications and requirements have been assessed we move into designing the Website’s architecture. We focus on usability, searchability and simplicity via a clean professional design.



In the development stage, the finalized design files are handed off to the development team to implement the code and back-end systems to make the Website interactive. Prior to launch – a BETA site is posted to be tested and edited to ensure your expectations and goals are met.



We make sure your team understands the CMS structure, technology, and Website functionality. We train you on site maintenance to ensure a smooth transition. The site is monitored for 30 days after launch to guarantee all aspects are working properly.



Using ethical best-practice SEO techniques as well as social media marketing, we establish communication links to reach potential and existing customers.